Linux is Great For Coders

In my last post I stated that one of the things I like in Linux is that I can use the file manager as an FTP client. In this post I am going to discuss another thing I like about Linux. It provides all the tools I need for writing code.

Yes, you can find decent code writing software in any operating system. But for me, Linux makes not only getting that code writing software easier, it also provides decent code editors by default. By that I mean the text editor.

You all know what I’m talking about. Windows has one editor, the old notepad. It is decent enough for simple coding I guess, but it pales in comparison with what Linux offers out of the box. What Linux offers really depends on your distro and the desktop environment it is running, but usually it is either Kate or Gedit.

HTML writing with Gedit
HTML writing with Gedit

Kate is a powerhouse. It really is. There’s no comparing Kate with Notepad. Really, the issue with Kate is you have to configure it to suit you to be an efficient code editor. However, the code editor most will see in Linux is Gedit. Coming default with any Gnome-based distro, including the popular Ubuntu, Gedit is a simple but very functional code editor. It provides all of the tools you need to write code and supports plug-ins for more flexibility.

If Kate or Gedit aren’t your thing, you can always fire up the software store and install another code editor, or even a full blown IDE. But for a default, those two do the job and do it well. Add in the file manager FTP functionality, and you have a web programmer’s dream.


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