My Favorite Way to FTP

It should come as no surprise by now that I like using Linux. While I could go on and on about why I like using Linux, which I plan to do in a series of blog posts, the largest reason I like using Linux is because it makes my life so much easier as a web host.

“How does it do that?” I can hear you all asking. Simple, FTP. Yes I know that there are amazing FTP clients out there for Windows and Macs, such as the wonderful Filezilla. What Linux offers me though is seemless FTp integration. With Linux, using FTP is as simple as using a file manager.

Whether I’m using a KDE Plasma desktop or a GNOME-based desktop, I can simply start up the file manager, connect to my ftp server, and just manage files on my web server as if they were on my computer. Here’s an example of what I mean using Files (also known as Nautilus) in Ubunutu 16.04.

File Manager FTP fun
File Manager FTP fun

Here you can see me using the default file manager as my FTP client. I have two opened and snapped to the opposite sides of the screen. The window on the left, my files on my computer. The window on the right, FTP to my web server.

Using FTP in this way is super simple. All I need to do is drag and drop when I want to upload files to my server, or when I want to download a backup of files. I can rename, change permissions, and any other file management that you can do with a file manager, with my files on my server. It is super simple, super effective, and I love it.