My experience with Ubuntu 16.04 and Unity

I have been using Ubuntu  Linux  16.04  with the Unity Desktop for a week now, and figured I’d share my experience and thoughts.

screenshot-from-2016-03-23-13-01-27-768x432My desktop, Ubuntu 16.04 – Unity DE

I love the layout – I always have though. In fact, I have always changed Gnome Shell or KDE to match the layout. The fact that I don’t have do anything to achieve that layout with unity is a win.

I love the HUD, very nice tool. KDE and Gnome Shell need something similar.

The Dash Menu is far better at finding programs than KDE and Gnome’s menus.

Buttons on the right take time to get used to, no big deal.

I would say needs typing integration with Pidgin and/or Empathy like Gnome Shell, but with all the clients killing interoperability with multi-clients, whats the point?

I prefer plasma applets to indicators, but only slightly.

I haven’t had to clear out SWAP yet. Usually I have to do this daily or every other day with KDE or GNOME Shell. Unity must be more resource efficient than those two. Interesting.

UBUNTU 16.04
Over all, nice and stable – though at start up I always get a message that something crashed but that crash has already been reported.

Still not a fan of PPA’s – I’d take the AUR over it anyday. But at least PPA’s is something, even though a huge majority of them don’t yet work with 16.04.

Gnome Software seems very buggy right now – more so than in other distros, but this is not a finished release so yeah.

Apt-Get is slow, and sometimes fails. Synaptic succeeds at updating the system when apt-get fails. Odd.

Love the fact that it is so easy to get my printer installed because… it is already installed. Love the true plug and play aspect of Ubuntu.

So easy to deal with restricted drivers, even drivers that I didn’t know existed on my computer.

Please, please put in an option to not display icons on the desktop. Had to delete things from desktop folder just to achieve the clean look I desire.

Files/Nautilus…. so underwhelming. Any better file managers out there with perfect unity integration?

Overall I have been pleasantly surprised with Ubuntu 16.04 and Unity. There are some issues, sure – but this is not a stable release yet. I have a feeling this is going to be a very awesome LTS once everything is ironed out. Still I’d encourage the Ubuntu people to consider replacing Files.

My favorite aspect of Ubuntu has been the plug and play nature of it. It just works, which is nice since I don’t have lots of time anymore to fix things and make things work.

I am also rather enjoying my time with Unity. Sometimes I have the itch to go back to KDE or play with Gnome Shell, but really I’d actually be loosing more than I’d gain by doing so. I can still use the KDE apps that I prefer just fine in Unity, and Unity fits my overall workflow nicely.

If I could have the Ubuntu ease of use with Unity on top of pacman with AUR support, I’d have the perfect distro for me. But for right now, Ubuntu 16.04 comes very close to perfect, so I think I’ll stick with it for a while longer.